Roe is a modern American seafood restaurant, offering an ever evolving, innovative prix fixe and Chef’s Tasting menu created by celebrated seafood masters Executive Chef Trent Pierce and Chef de Cuisine Patrick Schultz.

Our Team

Trent Pierce
Executive Chef and Owner
Roe Restaurant

James Beard nominee Trent Pierce is the Executive Chef and Owner of Roe Restaurant. Roe is a modern seafood restaurant using innovative and classic techniques to offer an ever-evolving prix fixe menu. Pierce and his team present a stunning yet approachable array of rotating seasonal dishes that elevate traditional fare at both restaurants.

Pierce was born into a family who made food their living, so it is no surprise he ended up in the industry. Both Pierce’s father and grandfather owned restaurants; one grandmother was a chocolatier, the other grandmother owned a farm in North Dakota where she raised her own food. Food was in his blood from the start, however it wasn’t until later in life that he made it his living.

Pierce’s first job was as a paperboy. He then worked in retail and eventually made a move into the construction industry. He decided to take a part time job cooking at Deep restaurant in Bend, Oregon in the evenings to supplement his income and worked his way up from there. It was there that Pierce realized that cooking was his true calling and accepted a full time position in the kitchen and left construction behind for good.

He was eventually offered the position as Sous chef at Volo in Bend, Oregon in 2008, but the restaurant closed six months later due to the economic downturn. Pierce decided it was time to make the move to Portland, Oregon. He spent some time in various kitchens around the city and found himself at Yakuza for a couple of years. From there, he helped open Foster Burger and then opened Fin in Southeast Portland with Patrick Schultz, Roe’s Chef de Cuisine. After Fin closed in early 2011, he partnered with Kurt Huffman’s ChefStable Group to open Wafu, his Izakaya concept, in September 2011, which has since transformed into Roe.

When Pierce isn’t in the kitchen, he enjoys spending time with his kids, playing music, and taking advantage of Oregon’s great outdoors.

Patrick Schultz
Chef de Cuisine

Patrick Schultz is the Chef de Cuisine at Roe Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. He and Executive Chef, Trent Pierce prepare creative dishes, using innovative and classic techniques to offer an ever-evolving prix fixe menu.

Schultz took an interest in food from a very young age, which can be attributed to his family’s flair for cooking. His dad, a firefighter by trade, would cook dinner for the Schultz family every night after spending his days at the fire station preparing food for his team. His grandpa was a baker and regularly showered his family with homemade pies. Unlike the majority of his peers, Schultz spent Saturday mornings watching Julia Child on TV instead of cartoons. It’s no surprise that he has made a career in the kitchen.   

At the age of 15, Schultz started working as a dishwasher at a Sushi Bar in the East Bay area of San Francisco. He later graduated from a local junior college with a degree in restaurant management and culinary arts and spent six months post-college in France’s Loire Valley studying wine and food. Upon returning, he worked as a line cook at a Bay Area restaurant and was quickly promoted to sous chef by the age of 20.

Once in Portland, Schultz worked as Chef de Cuisine at the now closed Carlyle and then moved on to Sel Gris, Portland’s 2008 “Restaurant of the Year,” where he served as Sous Chef. It was there that he first connected with Trent Pierce and the two decided to open Fin, a seafood restaurant in Southeast Portland that has been reincarnated as Pierce’s current restaurant, B&T Oyster Bar.

In his spare time, Schultz enjoys taking trips to the Willamette Valley vineyards to further his education on local wines.

Mark Gotelli
FOH Manager

Mark Gotelli is the Front of House Manager at Roe Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, where he strives to create an exceptional experience for his guests, transporting diners out of their everyday lives for two or three hours (a mantra he draws on from Ruth Reichl). At the age of 15, Gotelli took a job at a small grocery store in the San Francisco Bay area. His first restaurant job was as a server at Pizza Antica, a small Bay Area restaurant chain with a substantial wine program, where he focused his attention on learning as much as he could about appellations and flavor profiles. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a BA in philosophy and English lit, he worked at a consulting firm in Oakland. A short stint in law school in New York made him realize that he much preferred the restaurant industry, so he packed his bags and made his way to Portland. Gotelli worked at Grüner, St. Jack, and Coopers Hall before accepting his position at Roe. When he’s not working, Gotelli dedicates his time volunteering around the community.

Salvador Perdomo

Salvador Perdomo is the Sommelier at B&T Oyster Bar and Roe Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, where he draws inspiration for his wine program from the menu, as he believes that “the wine is there for the food, not for the sake of the wine itself.” Perdomo took an interest in wine from a young age, as his mother, who started cooking family dinners at noon everyday, always had the red wine flowing at the dinner table. His first restaurant job was at Portland’s Montage, where took a serious interest in learning about their wine list. Perdomo then moved onto Castagna restaurant in Southeast Portland, worked at Portland Wine Merchants wine store, and spent some time in Italy, which ultimately solidified his passion for wine. Perdomo is a professional painter, an amateur musician, and speaks four languages – English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

The team at Roe REstaurant.  we look forward to serving you!